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Mar 19, 2011 9:00pm EDT
. u.s. missiles light the mediterranean sky. operation odyssey dawn under way. a coalition of western and arab states are unleashing strikes on libyan targets right now. the allies' goal, the stop moammar gadhafi from butchering his own citizens to stay in power. tonight, he shows no signs of backing down. at least not yet. a spokesman for his embattled government calls the allied attack "barbaric." good evening, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we would like to welcome our viewers from around the world. this is a special edition of "the situation room," "target libya." but we begin with breaking news. cnn is live tonight across libya with what's going on. our senior international correspondent nic robertson is reporting from tripoli where sounds of attacks echoed through the night. and our correspondent arwa damon is with us, she's in benghazi where rebels have been trying to hold on to that city. let's get to both of them in just a moment. but first, in just the last hour, we've heard explosions and gunfire across tripoli. >> no word yet who exactly is behind it. it comes hours after
Mar 20, 2011 9:00pm EDT
out much of libya's air defenses. strong and successful. that's how the u.s. defense secretary describes the operation so far. but he also sounds a warning. in benghazi, the rebels celebrate as the libyan military calls for an immediate cease-fire. allied forces say they'll wait and see if this time that promise is genuine. >>> good evening, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers watching on cnn networks around the world. this is a cnn special -- libya war. tonight we're live from five continents as we cover the military movements, the political back-and-forth and the diplomatic steps being taken against moammar gadhafi and his regime. here's what we know now. a senior official with coalition forces tells cnn allies targeted a building in moammar gadhafi's compound in tripoli because it was connected to the command and control of libyan troops. there's no indication colonel gadhafi was inside the building. strikes on the north african nation are to continue despite calls by the libyan government for a stop to the fighting. allies don't trust gadhafi's fo
Mar 20, 2011 12:00am EDT
this sunday morning with "operation odyssey dawn" well under way. french, u.s., and british coalition forces began hammering key libyan installations late on saturday to enforce a no-fly zone newly approved by the u.n. security council. responding to the fighter jets and cruise missiles, moammar gadhafi's defenses have been peppering libya's skies with anti-aircraft fire. here now the very latest. the pentagon saying that so far, more than 100 u.s. and british tomahawk cruise missiles have slammed into libyan targets aimed primarily at air defense systems. despite the ways of attacks libyan leader gadhafi remains defiant, condemning the coalition strikes and urging people around the world to aid in libya's defense. the british prime minister, david cameron, calls the allied effort against colonel gadhafi the right thing to do. britain's defense secretary says british fighter jets flew 4,800 kilometers from their base in southeastern england to their targets in libya. the country's longest bombing run since the 1982 falklands war. prime minister cameron says the uk's involvement is justified.
Mar 21, 2011 3:00am EDT
-fire declared on friday. u.s. joint chiefs chairman mike mullen says the u.n.'s no-fly zone is now in place. allied air strikes have done major damage according to another u.s. official. coalition planes are now patrolling the area to deter air attacks on civilians. the u.s., france and great britain have taken big roles in "operation odyssey dawn." italy, canada, spain, belgium, denmark, norway and qatar are also involved. >>> and cnn's nic robertson broke the news of the attack on gadhafi's compound. and we want to play what he and his crew captured on videotape without talking over it, and nic will update us on the other side. take a look. >> 10:30? 10:30. yeah. and those pictures from our nic robertson simply amazing. let's go to him now. nic? >> reporter: don, we were taken into moammar gadhafi's palace compound, a large secure area a couple of square miles. we were taken to a building, we could see the roof had been smashed, two big holes punched in it. we were told by cruise missiles. in fact, we were given some parts that were taken out of the building while we were there. this is a
Mar 21, 2011 9:00pm EDT
. president obama says gadhafi must go. >> it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. >> now the tough questions. what's the end game? who is really in charge? what do we know about the rebels and what happens if gadhafi won't go? also tonight, another arab regime on the ropes. is yemen the next to fall? and in japan, new fears over radiation and the food supply. is the already desperate population at greater risk? this is a special live edition of "piers morgan tonight" from london. good evening. breaking news from libya and shocking video uploaded to youtube today. cnn cannot independently confirm details of when or where it was shot but it shows civilians on a street being bombed. watch the scene. extraordinary footage of civilians being bombed in misurata. some were heard shouting before the explosion hit. we don't know what happened to the people closest to the explosion or who caused it. we have dramatic new video taken in tripoli showing tracer fire over the city. there have been a series of bombardments from allied forces towards colonel gadhafi's forces. nic robertson is live
Mar 19, 2011 5:00am EDT
unrest in the arab world. it goes beyond libya. the u.n. and the u.s. are condemning the use of force against protesters in syria. witnesses report rioting in five cities. including the capital damascus, after anti-government activists proclaimed friday dignity day on facebook and called for demonstrations. there are unconfirmed reports of deaths and injuries. >>> in yemen, a state of emergency amid deadly clashes. medical officials said at least 40 people were killed when tens of thousands of anti-government protesters clashed with security forces in the capital. state television showed. >>> and there are reports, one that 100 people hurt, interior minister says there are casualties on both sides. >>> egyptians are heading to the polls right now for their first fully free election in decades. they'll vote on the constitutional amendments that are supposed to assist the military in the transition to democratic rule after president hosni mubarak. thousands gathered in cairo's tahrir square on friday. many said the amendments don't go far enough. >>> cnn's world reporter richard quest i
Mar 20, 2011 5:00am EDT
100 people. only one aircraft was down oed in that particular attack, one u.s. aircraft, and that's always been the symbol, that sculpture that you're seeing on the scene. and so clearly some p.r. work to use that as the picture, if you like, for moammar gadhafi's statement, assuming it is moammar gadhafi. aggressors, animals, criminals, tyrants, all tyrants fall under the pressure of the masses. those are the words, pretty much everything that we have heard on previous occasions in what sounds to be like it's going to be quite a long speech by moammar gadhafi. but he does say the people have been given weapons, all people have been given weapons, this will be hell, he says, and he called upon his own people to take part in what he's calling against the aggressives the new crusaders war. he then talks about how they will -- that the aggressors, referring to, of course, the allied forces, will not enjoy oil, we will continue to fight. that's moammar gadhafi, we believe, speaking. we be will back in just a moment. this is cnn. it takes knowing we have our work cut out for us. flying
Mar 29, 2011 9:00pm EDT
, as we are doing, having seized $33 billion already in u.s.-controlled banks of his assets. we will cut off his flow of mercenaries. we will provide political and humanitarian and other assistance to the opposition -- >> will you be arming the rebels, ambassador? >> we will -- as i was getting to, we will be providing political, humanitarian, other assistance to the opposition. we have not taken any decision to arm the opposition. we are still in the very early stage of working with them and getting to know them. >> ambassador, are you an active tweeter on twitter. what's your name on twitter? >> @ambassadorrice. >> what do you think where we have young, educated people using twitter and social networking means to spread the message from these countries in the way they perhaps wouldn't have been able to 10, 15 years ago? >> well, it certainly has dramatically changed the way that people can communicate with one another, rally one another, to common objectives. it's been interesting to see how the social media tools like twitter and facebook have been used differently in different con te
Mar 30, 2011 9:00pm EDT
president to lead a reassessment of u.s. strategy as it interacts in this part of the world? we need more people like you that know that part of the world. pete hoekstra, thank you very much. >> the president is making a hundred tough decisions a day but, all right -- >> it's our job. >> good night. pie piers morgan starts right now. >>> rod stewart is one of the original rock 'n' roll bad boys. ♪ hey wait because i'm on the verge of singing ♪ >> piers morgan is in the house. not any house, he's in my house, what on earth is he doing here. ♪ and it's raining >> can you believe he just turned 66? and became a father for the eighth time? do you still think he's sexy. >> whatever you mind. >> here i am at rod stewart's palatial beverly hills mance. ♪ if you want my body and you think i'm sexy ♪ ? i'm told the only thing that's more impressive than the great man himself is what lies behind those doors. let us go and find out, shall we ♪ come on honey tell me so ♪ ooh ooh ♪ rod, here we are in the expansive library of your beverly hills mansion. i suppose the obvious
Mar 8, 2011 9:00pm EST
11 briefing just before we began the offensive, you said that the primary u.s. goal was quite simply to capture or kill all al qaeda. clearly that has not been achieved yet. how far do you think we have got? >> we don't have any metric to measure it because if you think about it they're recruiting all the time, they're raising money, they're plotting and planning, and trying to find ways that they can kill innocent men, women, and children. we know that we're putting pressure on them, and capturing and killing a number. but the relationship between how fast they're recruiting and how fast we're killing or capturing is something that we just -- metrics don't exist. >> was it a mistake to label this a war on terror? >> i think so. i think so. >> i thought it was such a f factuous title. the military -- i come from a big military family. they need to know who they're fighting, and they need to know how they're going to win and then declare victory if that's achievable. you can never win again terror. it doesn't exist as an entity. >> exactly. it's a technique, a method. the purpose of t
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)